duminică, 6 martie 2011

Yey!! Spring goody!!!

photo: elle.com

"Like a tale from The Arabian Nights, Chanel' s life story is one of magical transformations. She had five distinct lives (five being without a doubt her lucky number), a while each one does not spring directly from the one before, they were nevertheless connected by one continuous thread which stretched from the beginning of this century to the end: style. The Chanel look was to survive all the changing dictates of fashion. Its principles were order, poise and good taste, as distinct from tastefulness."

Acesta este primul pasaj dintr-o carte-tribut dedicata femeii Chanel (text de Francois Baudot).
Ca un mic cadou de ziua femeii o pot trimite in format pdf.

Contact: katrim441@gmail.com

Multumesc si primavara frumoasa!

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