joi, 4 noiembrie 2010

Lanvin loves H&M but they should love quality most

In this picture we have (was shot by Chiara Ferragni) one of the many pretty dresses from the latest collection designed by Alber Elbaz.

Do you see any unfortunate detail? Let me tell you: the first spangle from the left is pretty much unsewn and will fall as soon as other fortunate blogger will come and take a look at these clothes.

It`s quite sad because this very same dress costs 199 $ and that very item from the photo was, most probably, never worn or tried out and it`s already falling apart.

And one more thing, maybe right now I`m just obsessed, but those sequins don`t look very oddly placed? Some of them look like there missing, others are too close from each other. But maybe these little chaos is what Ebaz looked for in which case, who am I to argue? (but they still look somehow different from the catalog pic)

5 comentarii:

  1. You are speaking the truth sister.
    Frankly I think the sequins and all the other sparkly stuff make the dress look quite cheap (and they're definitely not cheap). Lanvin for H&M is one of the most overrated collections so far.

  2. I personally like some of the dresses- the one that the old lady wears in the movie- but as you said, too expensive and too overrated. As for the shoes and accessories i have only 2 words: plastic and cheap

  3. Yes, finally an oppinion that doesn't praise the quite boring (the fashion copycat trickle down effect has come back like a boomerang to hit the Swedes) Lanvin for H&M- and it's from a blog I follow, nonetheless a Romanian one! I guess all the hype surrounding this collection is mostly due to smart marketing,I got tired of reading about it in connection to Gossip Gil, Madonna etc. but I suppose the great public just eats it up!
    PS: thanks for sending the package so promptly, the YSL blouse, the scarf, the skirt and the bag are amazing!

  4. @demon of shallowness: thank you for your appreciation:) and i`m really glad you like them

  5. I totally agree! As you I like some of the dresses but they are clearly overpriced especially for this quality.:)